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Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.1 Crack

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3 Crack 2022

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Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.1 Crack

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Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3 Crack + Serial Key Full Free Download 2022

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3 Crack Free Download is an open-source utility that provides you with multiple adaptable methods of tailoring anti-spam filters for your email client. To be more precise, the application can enable you to implement whitelists, perform virus scanning, block attachments, examine the sender base and manage complex databases – DNSWL, SPF, SRS, URIBL, Bayesian, Greylisting – and add many more filters that your company email client requires.

The idea behind the application is to enable you to block spam at the point where it enters your system, namely the SMTP server. By preventing messages at the SMTP server level, the app can help you overcome the negative effects of having mailboxes filled with spam messages. In other words, it can help companies cut down on the costs associated with storage, transmission, backup, and deletion of obsolete email messages.

The platform is designed to run on multiple operating systems and works with most email clients employed by corporations, namely Mercury, Courier, Lotus Notes, Sendmail, Postfix, Exchange, Qmail, Email, and other standard SMTP servers. It is important to note that the utility does not support domains that usually receive mail indirectly.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3 Crack:

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3 Crack can be argued that spammers can very well use an address from the whitelist to continue to send unsolicited messages. However, since the local addresses are not included in the list, the only way spammers could get their hands on contact details is by tricking users to email them directly.

As far as security is concerned, Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server can pass through most of the host mail transport features and vulnerabilities. This is the reason why administrators should consider using it separately in a chroot jail. You should keep in mind that the app enables the collection of all email messages and, since non-spam email can contain sensitive information, it is advisable to take the necessary steps to protect the data according to the company’s policies.

The open-source Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3 Crack project was designed to create a platform-independent SMTP Proxy server that implements auto-whitelists, self-learning Bayesian, Greylisting, DNSBL, DNSWL, URIBL, SPF, SRS, Backscatter, Virus scanning, attachment blocking, SenderBase, and multiple other filter methods.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.1 Crack

Key features include:

  • Multiple Weighted DNSBLs.
  • Multiple Weighted URLs.
  • Greylisting.
  • Weighted Regular Expression Filtering.
  • Bayesian.
  • Penalty Box.
  • SenderBase.
  • SSL/TLS.
  • SPF/SRS.
  • Attachment Blocking.
  • ClamAV and FileScan.
  • Blocking Reporting.
  • LDAP support.
  • Backscatter Detection.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy is a spam filter that sits on port 25 (SMTP), and if required, also on 465 (SMTPS) and 587 (Submission), directly in front of your regular SMTP server. It will relay the SMTP dialog between an incoming client and your SMTP server. It will intercept the dialog as it is required. Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy performs several configurable checks and upon detecting spam messages it will provide an immediate 5xx SMTP error code to the client. As usual, any non-spam messages are passed to the regular SMTP server for further processing and delivery.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server has numerous configurable features, such as the ability to block or subject tag and deliver spam messages. On the downside, if you are unfamiliar with this kind of application, it can be hard to set up and maintain.

Crucial functions consist of:

  • Multiple Weighted DNSBLs.
  • Multiple Weighted URLs.
  • Greylisting.
  • Weighted Normal Phrase Blocking.
  • Bayesian.
  • Penalty Container.
  • SenderBase.
  • SSL/TLS.
  • SPF/SRS.
  • Attachment Obstructing.
  • ClamAV as well as FileScan.
  • locking Confirming.
  • LDAP assistance.
  • Backscatter Recognition

System requirements:

  • OpenSSL
  • ActivePerl
  • 250 MB free space
  • Sufficient RAM to run the Bayesian and DNSBL databases
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server Crack Serial Key:

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Technical Information:

Title: Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server 2.6.3
Filename: ASSP_2.6.1_17355_install.zip
File size: 2.16MB (2,263,956 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Author: The ASSP Dev Team

Installation & Registration Notes?

  1. Disconnect Internet connection
  2. Run app’s setup
  3. After installation Use the License key for registration.
  4. Block its internet connection with a firewall
  5. Thanks To the Original Uploader.